Know What You Are Going Through

It is an established fact that the key to proper treatment lies in proper diagnosis. Mirena crash is a problem that often goes undiagnosed. First of all, most doctors won’t even recognize it as an issue. Secondly, there are so many symptoms involved that it is hard to put a finger on any one cause.

However, if you got Mirena inserted or removed recently, and your health is severely degrading in any way, you should check with another doctor to see if you are a victim of Mirena Crash.

What Is Mirena Crash?

Mirena Crash is a name given to the condition you can suffer when your body is unable to accept Mirena or its removal. As we have discussed earlier, Mirena causes hormonal changes in the body by introducing a constant flow of synthetic hormones, progestin. For women, these synthetic hormones cause a severe imbalance of hormones causing numerous health issues. In other cases, the body might adapt the changes while Mirena remains inserted. However, the removal can cause a sudden shortage of progestin, which the body is unable to make up for naturally. This is what is called a Mirena Crash.

The crash basically occurs when a certain hormone level drops abruptly. After the removal, your estrogen levels are way higher than progesterone. Since the body got used to Mirena supplying progestin, its natural process slows down and that is when your health starts crashing.

Common Symptoms

As we said, there are too many symptoms of Mirena Crash, which make it hard to diagnose. However, you should know that hormones are responsible for keeping all the systems running fine and healthy. Imbalance of this magnitude can topple your health.

The list of problems it can trigger is almost endless, but these are some of the symptoms you can suffer from.

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Severe stomach cramp
  • Constant pelvic pain
  • Anxiety, anger, depression
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Fatigue and lethargy

According to FDA’s report conducted on Mirena’s adverse effect:


It is crucial to take action as soon as you can. And the only way to cleanse your body from the effects of Mirena is a comprehensive detox program. Give us a call to learn more about why Mirena Help Detox Program is all the help you need.