Losing Your Precious Years

If you are a victim of Mirena crash, you must know that Mirena is causing a lot of unhealthy changes inside your body. Due to all the imbalances in the system, the effects eventually start to reflect on the outside as well. That is one of the reasons Mirena victims may suffer severe skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles. Mirena expedites the overall aging process and can rob you of your precious and pretty years all of a sudden.

According to a survey of Mirena victims, more than 7 percent users develop severe acne problems while nearly half the women complain about losing facial volume and skin elasticity within two years. A supporting study suggests that nearly 15 percent of women aged between 18 and 40 who had no dermatological issues prior to Mirena, develop acne and wrinkles within six months of insertion.

Why Mirena Is Bad for Beauty?

We have already talked in details about the changes Mirena causes inside your body. It decreases the number of progesterone. And what role do those hormones play in our body? Those hormones are not just responsible for pregnancy; they are often cited as the beauty hormone. A healthy amount of progesterone and a perfect balance is extremely crucial for healthy and younger skin.

Lower progesterone levels are also related to anxiety and stress. If you don’t already know, stress and anxiety are two of the major culprits behind accelerated aging and wrinkles. The result is broken and uneven skin that makes you look far too older than you actually are.

Moreover, Mirena produces synthetic hormones which can lead to accumulation of lots of chemical toxins inside the body. The effect of these toxins is clearly visible in your skin condition.

Why Mirena Help Detox Program is the Best Solution?

The ageing and acne problem can continue long after the Mirena has been removed. There are many reasons as to why you are unable to see improvement. First of all, the impacts of Mirena are deep-rooted and the changes wroughtare not quite reversible through acne meds or anti-aging creams alone.

You need to restore the hormonal balance and get rid of the toxins so that the process of healing and restoration can properly begin. Our research and experience shows that it is only possible through proper diet. That is exactly what the Mirena Help Detox Program does for you – A complete compilation of proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle that will make you look and feel younger.

So, get your help now!

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