It Doesn’t End at IUD Removal

Mirena IUD has many side-effects and the severity may vary from woman to woman. One thing you should know is that the side-effects are not limited to internal damage and psychological impacts. If you happen to have gained immense amount of fat and weight in a small amount of time, there is a high chance that it is the Mirena crash.

Mirena weight gain is quite common, even in women who do not experience any other symptom of the crash. There are many reasons behind it.

  • First of all, Mirena can terribly lower your metabolic rate making your body retain more fat and burn less calories.
  • It increases your appetite, and you might experience untimely cravings for sugary and fattening food.
  • The hormonal imbalance can increase fluid retention inside your body. So, there is a wide chance that the pounds you are gaining are water weight, which is actually very difficult to get rid of.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight After Mirena Removal?

As we have stressed earlier, your Mirena related problems just won’t end at removal. The side-effects are mainly due to the hormonal imbalance it creates and the amount of chemical toxins it leaves in your body.

No matter how excessively you exercise or how well you curb your appetite, you might experience constant weight gain because your body is still unable to function properly. It is unable to burn all the fat that is already there, and it is retaining the water weight and calories from whatever you consume.

So, in order to lose all that weight and to get back in shape, you need to cleanse all the effects and aftereffects of Mirena. That is exactly what the Mirena Help Detox Program will help you achieve.

How Does the Mirena Help Detox Program Help You Lose Weight?

Mirena Help Detox Program is effective because it works on the underlying problem and not just on burning calories and fat.

The program will help you normalize your hormonal balance through organized diet. Once the balance is restored, your metabolic rate will also improve. With a healthy metabolic rate, you can rest assured that the body will itself start burning excess fat.

The diet described in the program provides and efficient method to deal with your craving and appetite related issue. The program offers a wide range of healthier alternative that will satisfy your appetite while helping you lose weight.

Moreover, it includes a range of exercises that are safe and effective especially for women going through Mirena crash and its painful symptoms.

In short, the Mirena Help Detox Program is a complete lifestyle guide that empowers you to fight your crash and emerge as a healthier, happier, and beautiful woman that you are!