Providing Complete Help and Support

As a Mirena crash victim and survivor, I have tried my best to put all the knowledge and experience I have gained in the form of book. While the book provides complete guidance regarding the diet and regimen you need to follow, I understand that additional professional support is more helpful and even necessary in some cases. That is why I have initiated a Mirena Help Detox Coaching program.

Through this program, my aim is to help you recover not just from the physical impacts of Mirena, but also from the emotional and psychological trauma it puts you through. It is an exclusive, intensive and highly customized support you can find.

Improving Life One Day at a Time

This program is for all the ladies who are serious about regaining control of their life and restoring the balance Mirena had ruined. I understand that it is a process that takes time, and that is why we need to focus on one step at a time. That is the reason I provide day to day sessions, working closely with you to identify all the impacts on your life.

It takes proper understanding of the side-effects to create a counter strategy that will reverse the damage until your body is back to normal. The program covers all the aspects ranging from diet and exercise to sexual and hormonal health.

Do You Need this Coaching?

This is a question I let my clients answer rather than answering myself. This program is exclusively limited to those who are willing to go an extra mile to improve their life. In order to provide personal attention, I work with only two women a month. If you think this is a program you need, you will have to show me a strong desire and willpower.

And in return, I promise you undivided attention and absolute satisfaction. It is not just a commitment, it is a promise that will go beyond coaching.

To get an idea of what you are investing in, I am offering a FREE 15 minute phone call consultation so that we can develop a connection and understanding. Once you are convinced, we can discuss the schedule right according to your convenience.

Call now, and learn more!