A Letter that Will Save You a Lifetime of Trouble

Hello Mirena User,

I want to share with you my experiences that not only helped my learned a lot of lessons, but also motivated me to share my knowledge with you so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

I decided to get my Mirena IUD after reading and researching all about its effectiveness. I even got good words from one of my friends who had wonderful experience with her IUD. However, within a few weeks, the signs of side effects started to show as I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. In the beginning, it was hard to associate it with the IUD.

So, I just got the cyst removed and got another Mirena. After that, there were two long years of health issues, pain, and suffering I won’t even wish upon my worst enemy. Not only I did I gain an immense amount of weight despite a healthy diet and lifestyle, everything from my psychological state to my sex life went downhill. It was two years of constant pain and frequent episodes of depression and anxiety.

Despite the support and help from my loved ones, I wasn’t able to get better all because I wasn’t able to put my finger on the reason. Why? Because my doctor just wouldn’t allow us to think of the actual reason as a possibility at all. On every visit, she would prescribe a different medication for my pain and kept telling me that my problems were more psychological than physical.

One day, after piles of medications and multiple psychological sessions to no avail, I crashed. I got so sick, I could barley move. I writhed in pain for seven long hours thinking I would pass out any minute when finally the IUD came out by itself.

And here it was – the root cause – the culprit. While I felt a lot better, many symptoms continue. Some even got worst. Yet, now that I knew what put me through hell, I gathered my courage and went on to research what exactly it had done to my body.

Thankfully, I learned that the damage, despite being severe, was repairable. I was determined to get better. So, I invested all my efforts into it and finally came up with a complete strategy, backed by science, to cleanse my body of all the effects of Mirena.

I am now leading a healthy and happy life, and it is one of my greatest ambitions to help everyone who is going through the hell I have been to and back.

That is my story and I want yours to have an ending as happy as mine – the reason I have compiled my knowledge in Mirena Help.

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